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Police, EMS called for dog attack in Washington County

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. — Investigators confirmed that police and emergency medical services were called to Angel Ridge Rescue in Washington County for a dog attack.

A medical helicopter was requested and one patient was transported to the hospital.

Amanda Welch, the sister of the woman who was attacked, told Channel 11 that her sister is a volunteer at Angel Ridge Rescue.

According to Welch, her sister brought her 4-year-old and 7-year-old daughters to the animal rescue. They were bringing in a pit bull when it attacked the 4-year old. Welch said the dog bit the girl above her eye.

Welch’s sister then intervened and the dog began to attack her, said Welch. A neighbor heard her daughters screaming and came to help.

Police, EMS and the medical helicopter then arrived on the scene. Welch’s sister was transported to Allegheny General Hospital, according to Welch.


The 4-year-old girl has taken to the emergency room to get her head checked, said Welch.

According to Welch, her sister’s wound is being cleaned first before going into surgery. Welch said her sister’s right arm is broken and she has multiple bites on both her arms.


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