Police looking for driver after vehicle crashes into hair salon in Pleasant Hills

PLEASANT HILLS, Pa. — Police in Pleasant Hills are looking for the driver of a vehicle that crashed into a hair salon on Sunday morning.

The crash occurred on Clairton Boulevard at Unique Factor Hair Salon shortly before 12:30 a.m.

The vehicle plowed through the wall of the building and ended up wedged between the building and a sign post.

Police said the driver ran off after the crash.

The salon’s wall was damaged and had to be boarded up.

“We’ve been in business since 1991 so it’s a lot to take in,” owner Tom Woomer said. “It was a shock. It was like I don’t know, I went inside, it was like a bomb blew up. Everything was like, everywhere. It’s just disheartening.”

The car also took out a bench, a handrail and a corner post. And now the structural stability of the building is in question.

“We just did a major remodel interior this past with Covid starting, last March. So we’ll have to rebuild and start again,” Woomer said.

Michelle Wellman, one of the 10 employees, said no one was inside the building when the incident occurred.

“Thank God again. We are very lucky that no one was in the salon. It could’ve been worse, could’ve been a lot worse,” she said.

Employees of the salon came together Sunday to help clean up the mess.

“So we are here, brought our gloves and we can do whatever we can to help him. He’s the best. He’s really been a wonderful boss,” Wellman said.

Woomer said he should find out Monday if the building is structurally sound, and hopes to reopen on Tuesday, as scheduled.