• Police make several arrests in major drug bust in Homewood


    PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh police arrested several people in a major drug bust in the Homewood section of the city Wednesday night. 

    Investigators were doing surveillance in the area when they noticed a suspicious vehicle at a home in the 7900 block of Tacoma Street.

    Officers pulled the vehicle over and during the traffic stop, they found Billie Henry, 43, Timothy Bazemore, 26, and Brandy Smith, 26, inside the vehicle, along with stamp bags of heroin, crack cocaine, and nearly $1500 in cash, investigators said.   


    Police said Smith was sitting in the front seat with a revolver, in a holster, hanging around her neck.  All three suspects were arrested. 

    Officers later returned to the home on Tacoma Street.  While conducting a raid on the house, officers found weapons, crack cocaine, crystal meth, marijuana and other drugs and packing materials, investigators said.   

    Police said Todd Elston, 32, Anastacia Benedict, 30, and Joshua Herald, 29, were arrested.  

    Police said the raid was in response to the recent rash of violence in the Brushton Avenue and surrounding areas.   


    "They worked together to come up with a plan. They didn't just happen across this car by accident. These officers have been working very hard stopping some of this violence. I'm very proud of the work they did last night," said Zone 5 Pittsburgh Police Commander Jason Lando.

    Investigators have not released what charges the suspects are facing. 


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