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Police searching for crew accused of stealing blind man’s mobile home

VENANGO CO., Pa. — Police in Venango County are trying to find the person or people who stole a blind man’s home.

James Harley lived in a mobile home a little more than two hours north of Pittsburgh. He said one day, someone just hauled it away.

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“I’d give anything to have that back,” Harley said. “Nobody seems to know where a 14x80 mobile home went or disappeared to, so that’s my plight right now.”

Harley, 68, bought the trailer six years ago from the owner of the bait shop next door, but the land where the trailer was parked still belonged to the shop owner.

Last fall, the owner told Harley to move because she planned to build a garage on the site.

Harley said he found a temporary home while making the arrangements for his trailer before it suddenly disappeared one day.

Neighbors told police a crew spent three days preparing to move the trailer, but PennDOT has no record of a work permit.

And the shop owner told officers she has no idea where the trailer went. Harley said he had already put $20,000 into the home and planned to fix it up even more.

No arrests have been made yet.

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