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Pool turned into debris-filled swamp as flooding hits Fox Chapel club

FOX CHAPEL, Pa. — Floodwaters rushed through the Fox Chapel Racquet Club Monday, turning the swimming pool into a debris-filled swamp.

“There's lawn chairs and diving blocks and stuff in the bottom of the pool. It's a disaster,” Kelly Fisher, a staff member, said.

The damage, which left the club unrecognizable, extended to the new tennis courts, which were left with a thick coating of mud.


“Fourth of July tomorrow is not gonna happen here, and our tennis program … we're trying to figure out some alternative plans to be able to get kids on the tennis courts,” Fisher said.

The extent of the damage is still being assessed.

“We have a lot of minor damage to planting, fencing, and we don't even know what the major damage is yet,” Skip Fox, president of the Fox Chapel Racquet Club, said. “We're really worried about our neighbors in Sharpsburg and Etna and Millvale. We heard they were hit really hard as well. This is a pool. I'm more worried about their houses and businesses.”

Meanwhile, water flowed onto the course at Fox Chapel Golf Club, where people needed to be rescued from gazebos, according to firefighters. The golf club is hosting an amateur golf tournament this week.

Channel 11 News also received reports of cars becoming stuck in Fox Chapel.