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Ryan Switzer’s 9-month-old son back in hospital for ‘significant bleeding’ weeks after COVID-19 diagnosis

PITTSBURGH — The 9-month-old son of former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Ryan Switzer is back in the hospital after his son suffered “significant bleeding.”

A few weeks ago, Switzer’s son -- Christian -- needed three blood transfusions and spent time in the intensive care unit after waking up in his own blood. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 while at the hospital.

Switzer’s son was discharged on March 9, but yesterday Switzer tweeted that they had to go back to the hospital because Christian had more bleeding Saturday morning.

A later tweet said the infant had to get another blood transfusion. Switzer and his wife said they haven’t gotten a diagnosis for what has been happening to their son.

Around 10 p.m., Switzer tweeted again, saying doctors still haven’t been able to diagnose what has caused the bleeding in his son after several tests.

Switzer said they have a procedure scheduled for 7 a.m. Monday to try and find the problem.

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