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Samples confirm gasoline at local gas station had ‘high water content’ after complaints

CANONSBURG, Pa. — Gasoline at a Sunoco in Canonsburg that led to complaints about cars breaking down had “high water content,” the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture confirmed Tuesday.

Inspectors took samples from the pumps at the Sunoco on West Pike Street on Dec. 22.

Drivers reported that their vehicles broke down or experienced issues after the gas was put in their tanks. They said mechanics told them there might have been water in the gas, which was confirmed by the Department of Agriculture’s testing.

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“The pumps are closed until the business corrects the issue. The process generally involves flushing fuel lines and changing filters in the affected pumps, then replacing the fuel,” the Department of Agriculture’s press secretary said in a statement to Channel 11 News.

Once that process is complete, samples will again be taken.

“We will only allow the station to reopen the affected pumps if the fuel sample passes,” the press secretary said.