• School bus driver pulls over to let student steal traffic cone, police say


    A school bus driver is accused of pulling over with students on board to help one of them steal a traffic cone.

    Michael Slider is facing more than 30 charges after an unusual, and police said, dangerous decision to let the 17-year-old off the bus to grab a cone in a construction zone.

    Channel 11 has learned that GG&C bus company has suspended Slider indefinitely. 


    The incident happened in September on Route 519, and Slider was just charged on Friday.

    “Mr. Slider has been an exemplary employee for a number of years and this is the first time we’ve never had any issue with him,” general manager of GG&C, Kyle Templin, said

    According to the affidavit, police got video from inside the bus, and here’s part of that transcript:

    An unknown voice said, "Do it, Grab it!"

    Another unknown voice said "Go, go, go!"

    Then Slider said, “Hopefully they don’t have to look at the cameras for a couple weeks. I have fun at this job."

    Then slider again said, “How you gonna get that into school?”

    The student who grabbed the cone was later seen taking it into the Avella Junior/Senior High cafeteria.

    The bus company said it will follow the lead of the school and police. If those charges hold, Slider will no longer drive kids again. 



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