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Several injured in bus crash on Mansfield Bridge

PITTSBURGH — Port Authority police are investigating a bus accident that happened about 2:50 p.m. Thursday.

The crash involved a Port Authority bus and a four-door Hyundai, according to Port Authority.

Firefighters said when they got to the scene, the bus was in the middle of the bridge and the car was over the hillside.

Seven people, including the bus driver and the driver of the vehicle, were transported to local hospitals, according to Port Authority.

Two people, including the driver of the car, refused treatment.


Both vehicles sustained significant damage to the front end, Port Authority said. The bus is drivable and the Hyundai was towed from the scene, according to Port Authority.

Per its protocol for accidents involving injuries, Port Authority said the bus operator will be tested for drugs and alcohol.

The accident was originally reported as a mass casualty incident so emergency medical services crews from around the area converged on the scene. Northwest-bound traffic toward Glassport was closed on the bridge.

Firefighters said this is a very busy area for traffic.

‘It’s a pretty busy intersection. A lot of traffic comes in and out of here. Accidents, unfortunately, are quite frequent at this intersection,” said Glassport Deputy Fire Chief Anthony Foster.

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Posted by WPXI-TV Pittsburgh on Thursday, May 4, 2017
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