Several local business shut down again due to COVID-19 cases after just reopening

Just about two weeks after Westmoreland County moved into that green phase, some businesses had to close down again because of a positive COVID-19 case.

IronRock Tap House near Westmoreland Mall was open for just six days before having to shut its doors again.

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“We were doing probably what every other restaurant was doing and we were checking temperatures as they came in, a binder at the front and back of the house to monitor symptoms,” said Natalie Yohman, the director of dining at IronRock Tap House.

An employee tested positive, which prompted the restaurant to begin a precautionary 14-day quarantine period, even though they say the health department only suggested one day.

“We just thought it was in our best interest to close the restaurant for those 14 days to make sure we can clean and sanitize the restaurant in all high traffic areas and that way people did feel safe when they did come back to dine with us,” Yohman said.

IronRock Tap House wasn’t the only business impacted by COVID after just reopening.

Buffalo Wild Wings in Greensburg also shut down because a number of employees contracted COVID. The YMCA closed for days to sanitize after a member tested positive.

“Shortly after June 5, we did start to see an uptick, so the number of cases is increasing per day, much faster than 2 weeks prior, but that’s to be expected,” said Westmoreland County commissioner Doug Chew.

County leaders said a slow rise in cases this week since hitting the green phase is something they’re keeping an eye on.

“I think we need a few more days before we start to be concerned, right now that slow increase is what we expected. We just have to make sure we keep the hospitals empty and as of today we’re looking good there,” Chew said.