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State trooper claims ongoing racist, unethical behavior at Greensburg barracks

PITTSBURGH — A Pennsylvania State Police trooper, who previously served at the Greensburg barracks, has filed a federal lawsuit, claiming he encountered racist behavior, comments and unethical behavior while serving in southwestern Pennsylvania.

The lawsuit names State Police Commissioner Robert Evanchick, as well as several leaders serving at the Greensburg barracks as defendants.

Channel 11 obtained a copy of the lawsuit, which was filed in the Western District Court of Pennsylvania.

The lawsuit alleges Trooper Tavin Davis, who is now stationed in Harrisburg, was a victim of discrimination, a hostile work environment and was subjected to violations of the right to free speech.

According to court documents, Davis first encountered racist comments immediately after joining the academy.

A trooper allegedly made a comment about the National Football League, saying black players who did not stand for the national anthem were felons; and then apparently insinuated the NFL stood for the “National Felons League.”

Channel 11′s Ryan Houston breaks down the lawsuit and examines the allegations made against the state police in the video below.

Trooper Davis claims he faces racial discrimination, harassment and physical intimidation while working at the Greensburg barracks. According to court documents, Davis reported the treatment towards him and cases of racial profiling and that his superiors retaliated with write-ups and passed him over for promotions.

“The problem really stems from the fact that the department is not actually investigating racial harassment and discrimination claims,” Lacy explained.

Pennsylvania NAACP President, Kenneth Huston, explained that he also has heard of issues of racial profiling from state police.