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The state’s mask mandate is lifted, but private businesses can still require you wear one

PITTSBURGH — Pennsylvania’s mask mandate is officially lifted as of Monday, meaning regardless of if you’re vaccinated, you no longer have to wear a mask — unless it’s required by a private business. “I feel quite relieved that we are all without masks if we choose to be. It’s a relief,” said Joanne Grady who lives in Pittsburgh.

“I think everyone is trying to get back to normal. I’m seeing the bottom of people’s faces that I haven’t seen for a long time,” said Larry Lagattuta, the owner of Enrico Biscotti Company.

The changes in Pennsylvania comes days after the World Health Organization urged people who are fully vaccinated to still wear a mask due to the Delta variant.

“We know that with this virus, even vaccinated patients cans till be infected and still transmit the virus,” said AHN internal medicine physician Dr. Marc Itskowitz. “We are probably a month or two behind these other countries.”

He said the state should be fairly protected with nearly 60% of the population fully vaccinated.