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Woman says she was attacked along riverfront trail near Station Square

PITTSBURGH — Police said a woman called 911 for help Saturday, saying she had been attacked along the riverfront trail near Station Square by a man with a knife. She said she punched him and ran.

Police said the woman told officers she was walking along the trail near the Sheraton and Gateway Clipper entrance when a man ran up behind her, held a knife to her neck and told her to keep walking. She said she continued walking toward Highmark Stadium while the man made sexually suggestive comments and touched her.

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Police said the woman described how the man threw her down, and the two started to wrestle. She said she punched him in the back of the head, threw his knife and ran towards the stadium to call for help.

Police, along with help from the U.S. marshals, said they watched surveillance video from Highmark Stadium that showed the events as the woman described them.

Police said they recognized the suspect, Robert Williamson, from an earlier interaction. Once officers tracked him down, police said they took him to headquarters, where dried blood was found on the back of his shirt.

Williamson faces charges of criminal attempted rape, aggravated assault, terroristic threats, indecent assault and others.

Here is the area where police said the attack occurred: