Storm damage cleanup continues in Washington County

WASHINGTON COUNTY — Following heavy rains and reports of tornadoes moving through the area, the National Weather Service has confirmed three tornadoes touched down in Washington County.

Storm cleanup continues in the county, where tornadoes moved through Peters Township, Hopewell Township and east of West Finley on Thursday, causing significant damage.

Ben Costello, a resident of Trotters Court, said about 20 trees came down in his backyard and his lawn furniture was blown away.

Neighbors in the area reported extensive damages to homes, including roof damage.

“I looked outside and it was just swirling around, and the front door started shaking. So I went to the front door and I pushed on it and to hold it from blowing in, and I heard this horrible sound. It sounded kind of like a freight train and a banshee howl. It was just so loud and high-pitched,” Costello said. “Things were just swirling around outside and then it was gone. It was done. Just a matter of, it felt like seconds.”

Damage was also reported in West Middleton and Hopewell Township. In Avella, cleanup began Friday.

“I make a lot of jokes because it covers up the tears. You know, it’s tough. I have to start over,” resident Lewis Kelly said.

Heavy winds picked up pieces of his livelihood and deposited it across his 118-acre farm. He lost an entire garage, shed, the roof of his pig pen and his chicken coop with all the chickens inside.

“I’ve never seen nothing like it. You see on TV and take it for granted until you are in it, it’s just unbelievable,” Kelly said.

He has thousands of dollars of damage and is overwhelmed just looking out his window.