Students in Pittsburgh walk out to show solidarity with Florida students

Students in Pittsburgh walk out to show solidarity with Florida students

High school students in Florida walked out of class to demand that lawmakers take action against gun violence. They weren't alone.

Nearly 100 students in Pittsburgh walked out of class too and marched to Market Square.

Students from the Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts school chanted and marched, with a police escort, from their school to Market Square.

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Once there, in the middle of a very busy lunch crowd, the chanting stopped and the students held 17 minutes of silence for the 17 victims killed in last week's Florida school shooting.

"We are here to say, 'We're here with you, we care about you and we feel for you and we are not going to stop fighting this fight until we see justice in this country,'" said student Nia Arrington.

One by one, the students passed the megaphone and either shared personal stories about gun violence or called for stricter gun legislation.

"We need to continue to have our voices be heard because this is impacting the students first and foremost and the students are going to be the ones who make change," said student Katie Frontz.

For more than an hour, the students continued their calls for a change in gun laws, as students in Florida and around the country did the same.

Students said they were told not to walk out of class and that there would be consequences for leaving the building, but they still felt it was important to do so.