• Township considers making all parks tobacco-free


    ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Ross Township is considering a measure to make its parks tobacco-free.

    The proposal would ban cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and vaping devices from all of the township's 23 parks.

    "Our next step is to have all of our township property, what the township owns, (no one) can smoke at or in our properties," said Jason Pirring, a commissioner. "It is probably going to be a hard sell for people because they think, 'I am outside, I can do what I want.'"

    Pirring created the bill and told Channel 11 everyone, especially children, deserves to breathe clean air, but he knows there may be some pushback with this bill.


    "I do understand the smokers," Pirring said. "I do work at a school district where it's no smoking. The way I look at our parks I look at it the same way as a school district."

    Residents told Channel 11 they are in favor of the ban.

    "I know when I am at a park watching a Little League game there are parents smoking, that smoke is right there," said Jody Milholland, a resident.

    Commissioners are not expected to vote on the issue until next month.



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