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Machete-wielding man attacks two hikers on Appalachian Trail

WYTHE COUNTY, Va. — Two people were assaulted by a man with a machete on the Appalachian Trail Saturday morning.

Authorities said it happened in Wythe County, Virginia,  when the man carrying a machete attacked a man and a woman who were hiking the trail.

(Below is a map of the area where this happened.)

Police said the woman had to walk 6 miles before finding a couple of hikers and calling for help, all the while injured and bleeding.

Law enforcement could not comment on the condition of the male victim.

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This is not the first safety issue on the trail this year. James Jordon, 30, was arrested and is charged with criminal impersonation and drug possession after police said he threatened other hikers on the trail in North Carolina and Tennessee.

There is no word yet on a motive for the attack in Virginia.