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UPMC continues monitoring pregnant women who got COVID-19 vaccine, no concerns found

PITTSBURGH — UPMC officials said they continue to monitor pregnant women who were vaccinated through one of its clinics. A new study from the New England Journal of Medicine showed the COVID-19 vaccine appeared safe for pregnant women.

The study looked at more than 35,000 pregnant women ages 16 to 54 who received either the Pfizer or Moderna shots. The research showed pregnancy was a risk factor with COVID-19, leading women to get sicker.

“There’s been even more publications that have come out that have demonstrated that pregnancy is really a high-risk category for this infection. That has become clear over the last six months,” said Dr. Richard Beigi, president of Magee Women’s Hospital of UPMC.

Doctors said pregnant women who get the vaccine could pass along antibodies to their unborn baby, offering protection even after birth.

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