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Video shows 12-year-old being punched, stomped on by classmates outside Butler Co. home

BUTLER CO., Pa. — A Butler County mother wants action after a video spread through social media, showing her 12-year-old son being bullied by his classmates.

Rachel Child told Channel 11 the video is simply hard to watch and broke her heart.

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She said in the video posted to Snapchat before being spread around, her 7th grade son was seen being beaten up. One girl had him in a headlock, while the other punched him in the head.

Child told Channel 11 those girls – who are her son’s age – were friends of his prior to this school year, but they allegedly came to his house and lured him outside. Two other classmates recorded the violent beating.

Child said she called police, filed a report and wants to file charges. Officers said they are looking into this incident, but now a new video has surfaced -- and Child said some of the same kids are beating another child from the area in it.

Near the end of the clip, one child comes in with a makeshift knife and says, “I’m going to stab someone.”

Police have been notified of this videotaped attack as well and are investigating.

“With this new video and my son’s incident, there needs to be consequences,” Child said.