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Family speaks out at vigil for mother to 4, Uber driver murdered

PITTSBURGH — Family and friends of Christi Spicuzza said a prayer and their final goodbyes at a vigil for the mother and Uber driver in Pitcairn Friday night.

You could feel the pain in the hearts of Christi Spicuzza’s family as they described what a difficult and horrifying past two weeks it has been since her murder.

“I can’t describe this pain,” Spicuzza’s fiance, Brandon Marto said. “It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt or can imagine. I love her so much. I miss her so much.”

Spicuzza was driving for Uber two weeks ago when police say 22-year-old Calvin Crew from Penn Hills had his girlfriend order him an Uber. Police say Crew held a gun to the back of Christi’s head and made her drive for more than an hour as he accessed her money transfer apps. Court documents say the dash camera footage shows Spicuzza begging Crew not to hurt her because she has four children, and she doesn’t have any money. Spicuzza was shot once in the back of the head. Her body was left on a wooded hillside in Monroeville.

Channel 11 was at Allegheny County Police Headquarters last week when Calvin Crew was arrested and brought in, charged in Christi Spicuzza’s murder.

“My heart leaped with joy when they got that evil monster,” mother-in-law Deb Marto said.

She said Christi Spicuzza was the best thing that happened to her son, and their faith is helping them get through each day, as she knows Christi would have wanted.

“I was out there looking for you the moment Brandon called me, as well as her brothers and other friends,” Marto said. “Just like a daughter to me.”

Fellow Uber drivers, some who didn’t even know Spicuzza, spoke to advocate alongside her family for safer conditions.

“I’m not going to rest until things change because Christi didn’t deserve to die. Christi should still be alive,” an Uber driver said.

“If there was a change in the policy to save one life from anything like this,” Brandon Marto adds. “Another mother, another sister, fiance, it would be worth it.”

Uber says it has cooperated every step of the way in this investigation, but spicuzza’s family disagrees. Some Uber drivers say they will be boycotting on St. Patrick’s Day for Christi, while they fight for better working conditions.