Violent brawl at Woodland Hills High School captured on video

The Woodland Hills School District is dealing with another violent incident even as it continues to deal with fallout from a series of them that led to the resignations of two district officials.

This latest incident, a classroom brawl that happened Monday at the high school, was captured on a cell phone.

The district confirmed the two students at the center of it have been suspended.


"The students are being dealt with and both are suspended,” said superintendent Al Johnson. “The teachers appeared before the (school) board last night to express their concerns about the high school."

Channel 11 obtained the video late this afternoon. It shows two boys fighting in a classroom as their classmates cheer them on.

At one point, one of the students, shirtless, jumps on top of the other and punches him over and over again. Then he picks up a podium full of supplies and slams it on to the other boy.

Students can be heard screaming in the background.

It’s unclear if either student needed medical attention or if security will be increased at the school.


The union said it hopes to work with the district to find a solution after some teachers expressed concern for their safety. The union released this statement tonight:

"We have made our concerns, frustrations, and experiences regarding the dangerous fights, blatant disrespect, and disorderly behaviors known."

The principal of the high school, who also served as coach of the football team, resigned this summer after being investigated for threatening a student, not long after the school board president also resigned.

A school resource officer was accused of assaulting and Tasing a student in 2015, and a Churchill police officer appeared to be physically abusing a student, whose teeth were knocked out, in a video released last spring.

Community groups demanded charges be filed against Steven Shaulis, the police officer, and parents have filed complaints against him and the district.