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Westmoreland Transit offering free rides to, from COVID-19 vaccination appointments

GREENSBURG, Pa. — Westmoreland Transit is offering free rides to and from scheduled COVID-19 vaccination appointments for any person who needs help.

“The idea is we do not want anyone to have a transportation barrier to get to a vaccine appointment,” said executive director Alan Blahovec. “This program is open to anyone in the county that needs it. There are no qualifications. If you need help getting to those appointments that’s what we need to do.”

About a dozen people had already signed up for the free rides.

The agency asked PennDOT for some waivers and used CARES Act money from last spring to help fund the service. Even though fixed-route ridership is down about 60% ad the shared-ride service is down 40% compared to last year, Blahovec said he is proud to be able to give the community a hand during this time.

“The people we have using this service today, we know they need it. They’re really not riding by choice. It’s because it’s the way they have to get around,” he said.

If you need a lift, call Westmoreland Transit’s customer service line to set up a reservation at 724-834-9282.