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What is ‘dabbing,’ a new trend for marijuana users

If you’re a parent who hasn’t heard of “dabbing” – a potentially dangerous way of inhaling a concentrated dose of marijuana – you’re not alone.

But chances are your kids know what it is, and that’s where the threat lies.

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A “dab,” also known as “wax” or “glass,” is a highly concentrated form of THC (the chemical in marijuana that gets you high). It appears as a waxy substance and can be inhaled through traditional pipe smoking or through “dab pens” similar to vaping.

According to a new survey by Axios, half of the 18-24-year-olds surveyed have done it or know someone who has. That number fell to 32% among ages 25-34 and continued to decline as respondents got older.

Dabbing is much more powerful than traditional marijuana. While a typical joint contains roughly 25% THC, a dab can be up to 90%.

Proponents say THC concentrates like dabbing and oils can offer a more controlled dosage and fewer toxins than actually smoking the marijuana plant. But younger people and inexperienced users may be unaware of the higher THC levels, inhaling a dangerously high dose.

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