What’s the safest way to brake in snow and ice? Severe Weather Team 11 finds out

WAMPUM, Pa. — We’ve seen quite a bit of snow this winter and that means we’ve all probably done a lot more driving in snowy conditions.

What’s the safest way to slow down or stop your car when the roads are covered? Severe Weather Team meteorologist Danielle Dozier went to the Pittsburgh International Race Complex in Wampum, Beaver County to demonstrate which braking technique is safer.

Spent the day at Pittsburgh International Race Complex driving on snow and ice! Can’t wait for you to see my story on 11 News at 5.

Posted by Danielle Dozier WPXI on Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Here are some tips and advice on driving in the snow and ice:

  • Most cars are equipped with anti-lock brakes so that you still have some control over steering. However, anti-lock brakes do not shorten your stopping distance.
  • It’s important not to slam on the brakes if you encounter a patch of snow or ice.
  • Braking softly is the safest way to come to a stop.
  • Just because you have a four-wheel or all-wheel drive does not mean you can brake faster.
  • It’s important to have winter or snow tires as they perform better than all-season tires in snow and ice.
  • The hardest wintry weather condition to drive in is wet snow because of its high liquid content.

You can watch the video above for more tips from Danielle and her driving instructor.

You can also sign up for a driving course at Pittsburgh International Race Complex HERE.