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Wild scene inside Squirrel Hill Tunnel caught on camera before man arrested

PITTSBURGH — State police said all lanes of the Parkway East are back open after a police pursuit ended with a gunshot and an arrest.

According to investigators, a trooper observed a traffic violation and attempted to stop a black Nissan Altima near the Squirrel Hill Tunnel.

“We were going through the tunnels and usually there is a little traffic but a car comes flying up. We heard the police sirens and saw the car but the police were far back, said Dillon Webb.

The driver was able to evade the trooper, hit another vehicle inside the tunnel and then started running while still inside. Officials said the pursuing trooper lost the suspect, heard a gunshot, exited the tunnel and found the suspect.

Webb and his wife Taylor caught most of the chaos on their dashcam.

“I guess he didn’t see there was a car in the right lane so he’s flying down the left and trying to get over into the right and ran right into the back of a car,” said Dillion Webb.

“He gets out and starts running. We were two cars behind when he fled out,” said Taylor Webb.

The pursuing trooper arrested Cash Jones, 18, from Pittsburgh.

A gun was found at the scene as well.

Jones was charged with careless driving, fleeing or attempting to elude a police office, carrying a firearm without a license, DUI and more.

All lanes of the highway were closed for a time as police investigated what happened.

“There were so many other people getting out of their cars and standing on the wall, we were all hanging out, for two hours,” said Dillon Webb. “It was crazy.”