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Woman accused of deadly DUI tells judge she can't afford bail and attorney

DELMONT, Pa. — A Mississippi woman accused of a deadly DUI crash just outside Pittsburgh had little to say Tuesday after leaving a court hearing.

Wendy Shumaker is accused of killing 82-year-old Gail Rohrbarcher in the Walmart parking lot in Delmont last month.

Channel 11 has learned Rohrbacher was a retired school teacher and a pillar of the community.

Inside the courtroom, Shumaker told the judge: “I’m a very honest person, never been in trouble, I never ever had handcuffs on my hand.”


The hearing was continued because Shumaker doesn’t have an attorney and doesn’t qualify for a public defender. She told the judge her family is helping her find representation, but she can’t afford to post bond and hire an attorney.

Shumaker lives in Mississippi but was staying with her parents in Apollo taking care of her mother after surgery.

The judge did lower her bond to $25,000.