Woman asking for pictures after dog attacked at Narcisi Winery in North Hills

GIBSONIA, Pa. — A local woman is hoping other people have pictures or videos after she said her dog was recently attacked at a North Hills winery.

“All I could think was when I get my dog out of this dog’s mouth, he’s going to be dead,” Rachel Taylor said.

Taylor said her 1-year-old mini golden doodle, Cappuccino, is a friendly dog. She said she wanted to check out Narcisi Winery in Gibsonia where dogs are allowed in an outdoor area. Pets are supposed to be leashed.

“His tie out was one of those tie downs where you stake it into the ground. It was attached to the leg of the picnic table. There was so much slack - at least 8, 10, 15 feet of slack,” she said. “I look down, Cappuccino is screaming. I couldn’t get the big dog off or out of the big dog’s mouth. I was telling, ’Please help me. This dog is killing my dog.’”

Taylor said she was the only one to intervene and claims the attacking dog’s owners couldn’t have cared less.

“This owner, a young girl, she was quite defensive, saying, ‘What are you trying to do, take this dog away from me?’ I said, ‘Listen, we just need to get these medical bills taken care of,’” Taylor said. “The vet bill was about $750.”

Taylor said she filed a police report and officers are investigating.

She’s asking for pictures and videos of the incident to make sure the other owner is held accountable.

“These people, this goes beyond the vet bills and medical expenses. This dog was terrorized by their dog. That can’t go unnoticed. Something needs to be done about it,” Taylor said.

If you have information, you’re asked to call West Deer Township police at 724-265-1100 and ask for Officer Payne.