Woman gives birth outside Squirrel Hill Tunnel

PITTSBURGH — Robert Higbee’s reaction when he saw his wife in an ambulance minutes after his daughter was born outside the Squirrel Hill Tunnel was pure joy.

“There was nothing to say. Tears rolling,” Higbee said.

Friday afternoon, little Olivia Jennifer Higbee came into the world before her parents could make it to the hospital.

“She calls me and says your daughter is coming right now. That’s it,” Higbee said.

Victoria Higbee and her coworker Kristen Herman were on their way to the hospital after her water broke. They had to pull over right outside the Squirrel Hill Tunnel where the little girl was born.

Higbee said with everything going on, it’s nice to focus on something good. He wanted to thank the PennDOT workers who helped outside the tunnel.

“From the bottom of my heart, just good people. Amazing what people will do to help other people," Higbee said.