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Woman tells Channel 11 she hasn’t had steady heat in apartment unit for years

PITTSBURGH — A woman living in the Penn Mathilda Apartments in Pittsburgh called Channel 11 for help because she said her apartment does not have heat.

She said it’s been that way for years.

“Off and on for about three years. I was given a little small heater back in like 2019. I’ll to management a couple of times about the heat and they say they’re aware of it,” she said.

She said her neighbors are also affected by this situation. She said she’s gotten sick several times already because of how cold it gets and she was given a small space heater by management.

“I’m cold. It’s kind of disappointing. Everybody pays the rent on time and so we all deserve heat,” she said.

Action Housing Inc. is the parent company of the owner of the apartment building. They specialize in housing for veterans and senior citizens. Channel 11′s Ryan Houston went to their office in East Pittsburgh and knocked, but nobody answered.

Channel 11 then drove past the building again and saw HVAC crews parked outside. An attorney for the company said in an email in part, “Sometimes systems break and we, as a nonprofit led by a mission to provide dignified respectable housing, have always been committed to immediate responses and results. That’s what you’re witnessing on site right now.”

That attorney said the company is working on the heat problem.