Woodland Hills principal under investigation by state BOE

The State Department of Education is holding up the certification of a principal in the Woodland Hills School District because he’s under investigation.

Channel 11 has confirmed they are “investigating the fitness of his character.”

Murray is accused of harassing a student with special needs, which was caught on camera last December.

Shortly after the news broke Thursday afternoon, John Fetterman, the mayor of Braddock, tweeted, "Kevin Murray needs to go. Period. The children of the district deserve better."

“It is not uncommon or unusual to have certification delayed when a person such as Kevin Murray has his teacher certificate, as well as being a principal of a school district,” said Phil Dilucente, Murray’s attorney. “I have spoken with the Department of Education today and the investigation is proceeding accordingly as to character fitness and it is our impression he will be approved in the upcoming coming weeks.”


Murray was ultimately cleared by the district attorney and reinstated, but the state board of education is still investigating the allegations.

The principal's certification ends Friday.

He will not be paid during the time he's not certified.

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