Zelienople considering alcohol ban ordinance

ZELIENOPLE — The borough of Zelienople is considering an alcohol ordinance which would ban drinking alcohol in public areas.

The ordinance would prohibit alcohol consumption and possession in any public street. sidewalk, park, recreation area, and parking lot.

People living in Zelienople say it’s unnecessary, want things to stay the same and worry it could disrupt the small town activities.

“After all these years, I haven’t seen any abuse maybe a beer can here and there,” said Bobbie Householder, longtime Zelienople resident. “I see more harm in shutting it down with the activities the merchants have and the breweries that are opening up around here”

Small businesses in town that rely heavily on foot traffic especially during the summertime are concerned.

“we were dismayed as our outdoor dining does consist of some public use property and any ordinance that would impact that public use would put a damper on offering outdoor dining this summer,” Heather Covell, Kaufman Tavern manager said.

However, Covell said she can see why the borough is considering the proposal.

“I could completely understand where the boroughs concerns stem from obviously we want to keep Zelieonople and the downtown area family friendly environment,” she said.

Although there’s an open container law in Pennsylvania, local municipalities still have flexibility on what is or isn’t allowed.

We reached out to neighboring communities. Some have an alcohol ordinance for its parks requiring permits for events while others don’t have an ordinance.

The only exception to Zelieonople’s proposal is for events. A permit would have to be submitted and approved by the police chief. Violations could result in a fine or possible jail time.

The borough and police department declined to comment on camera today but we are told there could be adjustments to the original ordinance. It can be first adopted on March 29 or not at all.

The public can share their concerns or input with borough leaders which they will take into consideration before making a final decision.