Apple, Samsung fined by Italian authorities for slowing down phones

Apple and Samsung were fined by Italian authorities for "planned obsolescence" in slowing down smartphones, the BBC reported.

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Apple was fined nearly $11.4 million (10 million euros), while Samsung was hit with a $5.7 million fine (5 million euros), The Guardian reported.

"Apple and Samsung implemented unfair commercial practices," the Italian competition authority said in a statement.

The competition authority began an investigation in January and found that certain smartphone software updates have a negative effect on the devices' performances, the BBC reported.

“Apple and Samsung implemented dishonest commercial practices” and that operating system updates “caused serious malfunctions and significantly reduced performance, thus accelerating phones’ substitution,” the competition authority said in its statement.

Samsung told owners of its Galaxy Note 4 phone to install a new version of Google's Android operating system, The Guardian reported. It was intended for the newer Galaxy Note 7 and rendered the older model sluggish.

Galaxy Note 4 phone to install a new version of Google's Android operating system intended for the more recent Galaxy Note 7, but which rendered the old model sluggish. Apple, meanwhile, told iPhone 6 owners to install an operating system designed for an iPhone 7, which led to issued, The Guardian reported.

Apple's fine was higher because it also failed to tell customers important details about iPhone batteries, the BBC reported.

Samsung said it was "disappointed" with the decision and said it would appeal, the BBC reported.

"Samsung did not issue any software update that reduced the Galaxy Note 4's performance," a spokesman said.

"In contrast, Samsung has always released software updates, enabling our customers to have the best experience possible."

Apple has not commented, the BBC reported.