Horror experience has 40-page waiver, medical check and is too scary to finish

If you are a fan of extreme scares, this haunted attraction may be even too terrifying for you. Apparently, no one has had the guts to finish the experience yet.

It's called McKamey Manor and it is in Summertown, Tennessee.

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But before you even make the trip into terror, you have to meet seven requirements.

You have to be 21 and older, or 18 to 20 and have parents' approval, then you have to have a sports physical and doctor's letter saying that you're physically and mentally cleared for the challenge. You have to pass a background test and be screened by the haunted house's employees, then have proof of medical insurance and pass a portable drug test the day you go before finally signing a 40-page waiver.

You also have to watch a two-hour-long video of past visitors' experiences and come up with a safeword before you set foot in the manor, WFLA reported.

Once you pass all those rules, you're granted access to the McKamey Manor which the website says it "is an audience participation event in which (YOU) will live your own Horror Movie."

Each tour is different and is based on the attendee's personal fears and could last up to 10 hours. The waiver process alone is three to four hours, according to the website.

It has been so intense that neighbors of McKamey Manor called the police when they saw a woman being dragged from a vehicle. Police reported and found out it was all part of the show. Now Russ McKamey, owner of the manor, calls the police himself, warning them before a tour begins, Nashville Scene reported.

Actors in the show are allowed to touch participants, who are warned not to wear expensive clothing.

The cost for the thrills and scares comes cheap - a bag of dog food for McKamey's dogs. He'll pay you if you finish the scare, but no one has taken home the $20,000 offered, UPI reported.

McKamey's haunted house has gone international, with guests making the trek from not only across the U.S., coming from all 50 states, but also making the trip from Europe and Kuwait, Nashville Scene reported.

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