‘Vomit fraud' on the rise among some ride-share services, including steep fees

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — Something called "vomit fraud" is on the rise among some ride-share services, the Better Business Bureau is warning as it urges customers to keep an eye on their receipts.

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A Florida man said he experienced the scam firsthand and is still angry about it.


Pinellas County resident Mark Castle is speaking out to warn others about what happened to him.

Castle told WFTS-TV that he recently spotted a $100 fee on his credit card statement after a 30-minute Lyft ride.

“He took advantage and robbed me,” Castle said. “That's what it is.”

The driver had taken a picture of vomit in his car and showed it to Lyft, blaming Castle for it.

Lyft believed the driver and charged Castle a fee.

"It definitely made me feel very taken advantage of," Castle told WFTS.

Lyft said it thoroughly investigated the complaint about the vomit and took appropriate action.

"We take damage disputes such as these very seriously. Lyft's support team investigates each incident individually and makes a determination based on the evidence available," a company official said, according to the news station.

As for Castle, he said he plans to record his entries and exits from ride-share vehicles from now on.