Ontario police stop motorcycle with hand-painted, misspelled license plate

A motorcyclist was pulled over in Ontario when police noticed his homemade, hand-painted license plate with a prominent misspelling.

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Sgt. Steve Koopman, with the Kingston Police Service, said the motorcycle operator was stopped when officers noticed the obviously hand-made license plate.

The amateur artist missed a key detail. The province, whose slogan is Live Free or Die, was missing the second “e” on the fake plate.

“Patrol officers again snagged this beauty off of a motorcycle,” Koopman said. “Charged accordingly and given an ‘A’ for effort but an ‘F’ for spelling.”

We apparently have some burgeoning artists in #ygk. Patrol officers again snagged this beauty off of a motorcycle....

Posted by Sgt. Steve Koopman - Kingston Police on Thursday, March 25, 2021

Two weeks earlier, Koopman shared an image of another fake, hand-made license.

The fine for no license plate is $85, the Kingstonist reported.