Porch pirates face potential felony charges for stealing packages

Lawmakers in Arkansas are trying to put a stop to porch pirates.

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The state recently enacted a new law that makes taking packages from people’s doorsteps a felony, KTHV reported.

The law was passed earlier this year.

Stealing packages had been a misdemeanor. By making it a Class D felony, it can put people who are convicted behind bars for up to six years, KTHV reported.

When it was a misdemeanor, KATV reported that either an officer had to see the crime happen or a prosecutor had to approve getting a warrant.

Not only are packages that are left on a stoop protected. Taking them from a driveway, garage or even a delivery truck can be considered a felony, KATV reported earlier this year.

Arkansas isn’t the only state going after porch pirates.

Texas passed a law that taking mail or packages can be prosecuted as a felony, KEYE reported.

Georgia lawmakers passed a law earlier this year that makes porch piracy a felony but judges can make the thefts a misdemeanor, The Associated Press reported. Gov. Brian Kemp signed the legislation earlier this year and it went into effect on July 1. The crime is defined as taking three or more packages from three or more different addresses, WSB reported. If convicted, people could face up to five years in prison.