Woman Tased, removed from middle school football game after refusing to wear mask

Woman Tased, escorted from school football game after refusing to wear mask

A woman is facing charges for not abiding by an officer’s request to leave a middle school football game after refusing to wear a mask.

Logan Police Department said a school resource officer was assigned to special duty at Logan High School Stadium to make sure fans and athletes at the seventh and eighth grade football games were complying with the Ohio Health Department, Ohio Athletic Association and the Logan Hocking School District COVID-19 rules, WLWT reported.

The officer saw a woman, later identified as Alecia Kitts, in the stands not wearing a mask, so he told her that to be in attendance, she must wear one.

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Kitts was there as a spectator for the opposing team, WCMH reported.

Kitts said she would not wear one, claiming she had asthma, WLWT reported.

The officer, identified as Chris Smith, told her if she would not wear a mask she would have to leave. She refused again, WLWT reported.

The officer told the woman if she didn’t leave, she would be charged with trespassing and escorted from the property.

She continued to refuse to either wear a mask or leave. The officer tried to put the woman’s hand behind her back, but she pulled away.

The officer then said if she would not comply, he would use a Taser, WLWT reported.

Department officials said she still would not abide by the order given, so the officer shocked her once on the shoulder, then put her in handcuffs.

She refused treatment from first responders, WCMH reported.

The incident was recorded by a spectator. It was uploaded to social media and can be seen here. Be warned there is strong language in the video.

Police said Kitts was charged with criminal trespassing since she did not leave the stadium after being told to do so, police said. She was not charged for not wearing a mask, WLWT reported.