• Turkey terrorizes Boston school children


    BOSTON - Many residents of Boston are feeling chicken, because of a turkey. The wild bird has been chasing kids and adults near a school in the area. 

    "This turkey's been around for the last couple of weeks," Brent Griffin told WBZ.

    The bird has even prowled outside the elementary school, keeping the kids inside. "He chased my son and I across the school lot. It's been crazy, he's been terrorizing the poor crossing guard here, too," said Brittney Moon.


    "My husband has been trying to drop my daughter off and pick her up from school and has been run off by the turkey and I know the turkey has trapped some people in their cars," said Nancy Allen. 

    The territorial turkey has many parents scared and desperate.  Animal control has tried to capture the turkey, but it has thus far eluded every attempt.

    The troublesome turkey does have one chance to remain free: There's a wildlife sanctuary right around the corner from the elementary school. 



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