• Woman who panhandled for IVF money is pregnant


    SPRINGVILLE, Utah - The path to motherhood is different for everyone, but for one woman and her husband, a rare genetic condition prevented them from conceiving a child naturally. So she did what she what had to do, even if it meant caring a sign and asking for money.

    To Jessica Gale, home is much more than a place to sleep. It's a place where she shares her thoughts and fears. Her story started about 15 years ago, when she learned she and her husband Jared wouldn't be able to conceive naturally. Desperate for money to fund in vitro fertilization treatment, she started panhandling at the same street corner, every day, to get money from strangers who could help their dreams come true.


    Then suddenly, an anonymous donor came forward and offered to pay all the costs of the IVF. The Gales didn't waste any time and gave IVF a shot. Now, months later, a lot has changed.

    "It's still so weird. Like, I feel the baby kicking and it's so weird and I'm like, 'Yeah, there really is a baby in there,'" Jessica told KSL. After 15 years, things are looking up and baby Gale is joining the family in June. 

    "The envelope is the gender. Yeah, it's sealed. I haven't opened it. It has a sticker on the back and everything," said Gale. "I've never been more happy. And I can only imagine that, like, as this baby comes, that it will be even more so."



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