• Channel 11 talks to Pirates fan who jump off Clemente Bridge after Pirates' win


    PITTSBURGH - Channel 11 has tracked down the jumper in a YouTube video that has garnered thousands of views since it was posted Tuesday night after the Pirates' wild card win.

    The video shows an Ohio man jumping off the Clemente Bridge after the Pirates’ win. 

    Dean Pasztor jumped into the water and made it to shore alive and well.

    “I jumped.  It didn’t hurt at all.  I didn’t hit the bottom.  I just swam.  I thought there would be authorities there, but there weren’t,” he said.

    Police said it’s illegal to jump off a bridge, and if they had seen Pasztor, they would have arrested him for disorderly conduct.

    “We would strongly advise against anyone jumping off a bridge,” said Sgt. John Fisher.

    Pasztor said his friends have done it in the past, and he wanted to jump off on a night he would always remember.


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