Most major grocery stores do poor job of alerting shoppers about recalls, report says

A consumer advocacy group issued a warning, saying most major grocery stores do a poor job of alerting shoppers about food recalls.

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group graded grocery stores on how well they warn customers about potentially contaminated products.

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Of the 26 largest stores in the country (including Target, Kroger, Giant Eagle, Aldi and Walmart), 84% did not adequately inform customers about a recall.

And while most stores chose not to respond to the survey, the group said stores are collecting so much information from shoppers that it should be easy to tell them about recalls.

“They could use that same knowledge to keep us safe by telling us a food that we may have purchased is being recalled, and we should go check our freezer for it,” said Adam Garber, of the PIRG.

The highest grades awarded went to Target, Kroger, Smith’s and Harris Teeter – a “C.” The remaining large stores all received an “F.”

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