UPMC doctor in Tokyo monitoring Olympic athletes, using new technology for treatment

TOKYO — “I hope to be able to bring this technology to the face of the Olympics. So, you might see physicians using this little gadget in their hands,” said Dr. Kentaro Onishi of UPMC.

Dr. Kentaro Onishi of UPMC’s Sports Medicine Department has big plans for the Tokyo Summer Olympics and keeping athletes in the games, while protecting the world from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Onishi has a portable ultrasound, no bigger than a cell phone, which will be tested out during the Summer Games.

“Ultrasound afford us, you see injuries so we can say - 10% of your tissue is torn,” said Onishi.

Dr. Onishi says the technology allows him to tell athletes if they tore a muscle or tissue, right at their event.

“It is so important to try to be able to keep them in a bubble,” said Onishi.

Dr. Onishi volunteered at the 2016 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, but he says attending this year’s games will be special for him on a personal level.

Dr. Onishi’s family is from Japan, and his entire family will be joining him in Tokyo.

He admits that he’s glad to be working for the International Olympic Committee so he will not have to choose between rooting for Team USA or Team Japan.

“If I were to work for either Team USA or Japan; What I would have to do is wear a Team USA or Team Japan jacket. Lets say, if I were to work for Team USA, I would be wearing a Team USA jacket, but probably have to wear Team Japan underware. LOL,” said Dr. Onishi.

As for his fellow Pittsburghers, Dr. Onishi says he can’t wait for Americans to see his homeland on television.

“It is a beautiful city, full of wonderful people. It is a shame that we were unable to welcome foreign spectators. That is one of the things I was looking forward to, was to hear from those who get a chance to go to the Olympics and experience Japan. To come back, and tell me - hey - your country was beautiful,” said Dr. Onishi.

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