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“We don’t have any grocery stores:” Pittsburgh neighborhood gets solution from Giant Eagle

PITTSBURGH — Giant Eagle is one step closer to eliminating food deserts in Pittsburgh, with the creation of a grocery pickup point in Sheraden.

The Sheraden community has long suffered when it comes to food options, according to Deborah James Bailey, vice president of the Sheraden Community Council.

“We don’t have any grocery stores here, our seniors are lugging shopping carts down to Giant Eagle or McKees Rocks up to Kennedy to go to different stores; now they won’t have to,” she said.

The Sheraden grocery pickup point will be at the Jasmyne Nyree campus.

Giant Eagle will now also be accepting EBT payments online.

“Making EBT online payment accessible is a critical way to get that last hurdle accomplished. Not only can we get you the groceries, but we can also make sure you can pay for them in a way that makes the most sense for you,” Giant Eagle spokesperson Dan Donovan said.

Giant Eagle shopper Phoenix Lagoon often uses curbside pick up at the South Side Giant Eagle, especially during the pandemic, and he thinks the pickup spots will see an increase in customers now that EBT will be accepted.

“A lot of the people who get EBT cards are disabled and have trouble getting around. So giving this option to them is going to be a huge help to countless people,” Lagoon said.

It’s progress that Sheraden leaders know their community will appreciate.

“This is a big thing for our community. A big thing, and this will open the door and no one will be food deprived after this setup happens,” Bailey said.

People who don’t have internet access can just go to the pickup point in Sheraden, and they can help directly.

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