Lightning safety tips from Severe Weather Team 11

When thunder roars, head indoors, It might sound like a silly saying, but it’s a great reminder that anytime you can hear thunder you can be struck by lightning.

Lightning deaths rank fourth in severe weather-related fatalities since 1986 behind extreme heat, flooding and tornadoes.

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If you're caught outside during a thunderstorm seek shelter immediately.  A car is a safer place to be than outside and never seek shelter under a tree as lightning tends to strike the tallest object first.

The frame of a car protects you from electricity as it takes the current around you and leaves you safe inside the car.

Steer clear of fences, wires or anything metal outside.  Metal and water are two of the best conductors of electricity.

Being inside doesn’t mean your 100% safe.  Avoid windows during thunderstorms, stay out of the bath or shower and don’t use electronic devices that are plugged into an outlet. Wireless devices are more than safe to use during an electrical storm.


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