Pittsburgh dogs strut their stuff at Canines and Crowns Pageant

Dozens of dogs, many of whom are Instagram famous, showcased their talents and dressed in their very best for the Canines and Crowns Dog Pageant at the Ace Hotel in East Liberty on Sunday.​

Each animal took the stage to compete for the coveted titles of Mister and Miss Pupsburgh, Slobber Supreme, Cuteness Supreme, Costume Supreme and more.

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Money raised at the event benefited the Humane Animal Rescue.

Julia Morley, an ER doctor living in Greenfield, came up with the idea while watching "Toddlers and Tiaras" on TLC.

Morley's 10-year-old Chihuahua, Lu-Seal, helped get the word out about the event. Lu-Seal "the Pig-Seal-Dog" has more than 22,800 followers on Instagram.

Naturally, other Instagram-famous dogs were in attendance.

Oakley, the shitzu, also known as @total_oakley, took the stage dressed in a tuxedo and rang a bell on command. Oakley was crowned Talent Supreme, earning a sash and sparkly crown.

Dingle the Chihuahua was also in the running for best talent. He howled on command, prompting a room full of "awes." Later, Dingle won Sassiest Strut.


“This is so much fun,” his owner Krystle Grandy said. “I work so much; It’s a nice way to spend time with my dog and get out of the house. They are all so cute, and there are so many different people here with different personalities. It’s so fun to see them with their dogs. The owners are really like their dogs when it comes down to it."

Finally, the famous Lu-Seal was carried onto the stage dressed in a yellow bikini, but the bottom quickly fell off. Her dad did the gentlemanly thing and took off his tuxedo jacket, draping it over her backside. Cue the awes again.

Since Morley rescued Lu-Seal two years ago, Lu-Seal has gone from 16 to 8 pounds. Her inspirational journey, chronicled on social media, has been picked up by Buzzfeed, the Dodo and the Daily Mail. That shot Lu-Seal up in popularity.

"I felt weird capitalizing on my dog. I wanted it to mean something," said Morley. "I think the best way to do that is to give back to other dogs."

Morley is involved with the Humane Animal Rescue and moderates the Facebook group Pittsburgh Dogs of Instagram.

When the the Mister Pupsburgh title was awarded to a 7-month-old black dog named Charlie his owner Amy Srsic was thrilled. She couldn't stop smiling.

"I'm just so excited," she said, holding the toy bouquet of roses. "I love my dog. He's a very good boy. He put a lot of effort in."