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North Allegheny board meeting finishes early after unruly parents refuse to comply and wear masks

MCCANDLESS, Pa. — The arguments started before the doors were even open for the North Allegheny school board meeting Wednesday.

Once inside, the chaos continued, where parents were so unruly the board went into a private session. After that part of the meeting, district leaders said the choice to continue the meeting was up to the parents.

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“We are under a temporary restraining order. It requires us on North Allegheny property to wear a mask. Therefore we can not continue the meeting until everybody wears a mask,” the board announced.

The board gave those not wearing a mask five minutes to grab one. They were provided in the back of the room. People in the crowd broke out in chants of “My body, my choice.” It was at that point the board ended the meeting and adjourned until next month.