Highmark Health acquires sole ownership of Gateway Health

Highmark Health on Tuesday acquired sole ownership of Gateway Health, and also announced plans for the Pittsburgh-based insurer to become a Blue Cross Blue Shield licensee and offer Highmark Wholecare plans in Pennsylvania beginning in January.

Gateway Health had been owned by both Highmark Health and the Mercy Health subsidiary of Trinity Health before the two organizations announced that Highmark Health would acquire full ownership for an undisclosed price. That clears the way for Highmark Health to offer Gateway Health’s Medicaid and dual-eligible Medicare members to offer Highmark Wholecare products in place of what had been known as Gateway Health products in the marketplace.

The rebranded plans will be Highmark Wholecare with the Blue Cross Blue Shield brand in western Pennsylvania and under the Blue Shield brand in other parts of Pennsylvania.

“The transition to the Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield brands is one we believe will take the concept of Wholecare to a whole new level,” said Highmark Health COO and Gateway Health Interim President Karen Hanlon. “Our members will enjoy access to the added peace of mind of knowing they’re part of one of the most trusted health care brands in the country.”