Teenager rescued after getting trapped under pipe in Westmoreland County

MURRYSVILLE, Pa. — A teenager was rescued after he became trapped under a massive concrete pipe, Murrysville Medic One posted Monday night on Facebook.

The 16-year-old boy’s lower body was trapped under the pipe, according to the post. He was also partially buried by dirt.

“I was basically walking across here. I stepped, it fell through right under me. I got sucked under the pipes,” said Mykkol Lazadbeck.

The 16-year-old Lazadbeck, who also has autism, said his legs were sucked right under a nearly 800-pound section of the pipe.

“I panicked and then I got myself more stuck so I started yelling for help,” he said.

Lazadbeck’s grandfather eventually heard those cries for help and came running about a half hour later. He told rescuers he used the pipes to create a makeshift roadway, but due to the recent flooding, he wasn’t able to finish the project.

“Adrenaline was running but we just stayed calm,” said Nia DeCenzo with Gombach Towing.

The towing company was called out to help move the heavy concrete.

It took more than an hour to free the teenager, who was then taken to a trauma center.

Awesome job to Medic One crews, White Valley VFD, Murrysville Police, Murrysville Public Works and Gombach Towing who...

Posted by Murrysville Medic One on Monday, September 6, 2021