• Public Paychecks: See how much the City of Pittsburgh's highest-paid employees make

    By: Ethan Lott  – Research Director, Pittsburgh Business Times


    PITTSBURGH - The City of Pittsburgh had five employees making more than $200,000 a year in 2018, when you factor in salary and overtime.

    PHOTOS: Highest-paid City of Pittsburgh Employees in 2018

    The Pittsburgh Business Times published its annual List of Highest-Paid City of Pittsburgh Employees recently.

    Here are the top five highest-paid city employees:

    1. Harry Scherer (Bureau of Fire deputy chief) - $217,628
    2. Jerome Wasek (Emergency Medical Services crew chief) - $215,786
    3. Anthony DeSantis (Emergency Medical Services paramedic) - $213,280
    4. Francis Rende (Master Police Officer) - $210,013
    5. Robert Cox (Bureau of Fire battalion chief) - $205,184

    For the full list, head over to the Pittsburgh Times.





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