Dad wears short shorts to teach his teen daughter a lesson

Dad wears short shorts to teach his teen daughter a lesson

ORLANDO, Fla. — Some people believe the best way to teach is by example. For one father in Florida, the example was about what not to do. He took his message to a whole new level to convince his daughter not to wear short shorts.

The laughter started as soon as Jason Hilley walked into the room wearing short shorts to make a point.

"I feel humor brings more meaning to disciplinary than yelling and screaming and all that," Hilley told WESH.

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His 14-year-old daughter, Kendall, had shorts that he felt showed too much, so he put on his own and told her, "I will pick you up in school every day with these on until you don't put them on."

"She has a pair of short shorts and I need to get my point across. I will wear a pair of short shorts, a kind of little tit for tat on the clothing idea," said Hilley.

He said his thinking is that neither of them would like the other's short shorts. It worked.

"I understand it. I mean. I think the short shorts was a surprise," said Kendall. "I didn't really think that he would do that. I think that he got his point across and I understand it very well now."

Video of Hilley's short modeling career went viral, with people in Germany, Kenya and Australia contacting him about it.

"Oh my gosh, this video has 30 million views. You're famous now," said Kendall.

When the video started rocketing around the world, there were a few people who commented that perhaps Hilley was shaming his daughter, something he never intended, and something she said she never felt.

"She'll be the first to tell you I do not shame my kids. We just have a lot of fun together and laugh. We laugh at each other," said Hilley.

"I find it so ridiculous because we're just having fun with it and people just come in and just start hating on it for no reason when there was nothing to hate on," said Kendall.